Academic Integrity



Part One
of this module introduces you to:

  • Definition of plagiarism

Part Two of this module introduces you to:

  • Plagiarism in the U.S.
  • Reasons for plagiarizing
  • Strategies for avoiding trouble
  • System for taking notes
  • Citations
  • Practice exercise

Part Three of this module introduces you to:

  • Discussion of practice exercise
  • Examples: plagiarism or not?


Part Four of this module introduces you to:

  • Forms of cheating
  • Possible cultural differences
  • Forms of lying, falsification
  • Duke Community Standard
  • Violations of the Duke Community Standard


DukeWrites Integrity 1
DukeWrites Integrity 2
DukeWrites Integrity 3
DukeWrites Integrity 4


Academic Integrity: Avoiding plagiarism
Academic Integrity: Understanding the Duke Community Standard

Additional Resources

Duke Community Standard
Duke Libraries: Avoiding plagiarism and citing sources
Harvard: Examples of plagiarism
Duke: Citation style guidelines
Citation machine: Creates citations

Module developed by Rene D. Caputo. Last updated May 2017.
Photo Credit: Steve Slater [CC-BY-2.0 ] via Wikimedia Commons

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