Word and Phrase

Word and Phrase is a corpus-based resource created by Mark Davies, a professor at Brigham Young University. Here you can explore the specific ways in which writers have used language and apply that knowledge to your own writing. Word and Phrase is useful for investigating collocations, the way in which particular words work well together. You can visit the site here.

The Word and Phrase site announced that it would be phased out by 2021, so you might discover one day that it has disappeared. Consider watching our screencasts on the COCA resource here, as COCA provides similar support. The fifth COCA screencast, near the bottom of that page, explains where and how you can access information similar to that provided by the Word and Phrase corpus.

This first tutorial gives you an introductory tour of the Word and Phrase resource. Note that the screencasts use an earlier URL for the site, without /old/ at the end.

The second tutorial teaches you to do a few searches for collocates, those words that work well together.

Our third tutorial demonstrates how you can explore the academic section of this corpus.


DukeWritesSuite Word and Phrase Introduction
DukeWritesSuite Word and Phrase Collocates
DukeWritesSuite Word and Phrase Academic Searches

Screencast tutorials developed by Rene D. Caputo
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